Backyard Fun Race – Sonlight
Backyard Fun Race – Sonlight
Jackson Mountain Announcement
Jackson Mountain Announcement

JACKSON MOUNTAIN ANNOUNCEMENT We’ve been busy in 2020 with a vision for trails on Jackson Mountain.  Around 20 years ago, a system of user-created trails began to evolve on Jackson Mountain, a roughly 20 square mile parcel of National Forest situated east of the small Colorado mountain town, Pagosa Springs. These trails, used primarily by […]

July Happenings
July Happenings
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Developing Urban Singletrack Trails & Teams
in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Wolford w Kids Racing

Who We Are

We are a group of people who live and work in Pagosa Springs who are passionate about cycling, promoting active lifestyles and seeing Pagosa’s youth thrive by providing opportunities to embrace an active lifestyle.

Our Mission​

Promoting an active biking community in the Pagosa Springs area through trail development and maintenance, youth cycling, and advocacy.

Please – Donate Now!

Help DUST2 create and maintain our local trails, bring events to our community and instill biking enthusiasm in the next generation!