DUST2 WC Membership Meeting Minutes – June 2019

DUST2 Wheel Club Membership Meeting Summary – June 24, 2019

  • 22 people were in attendance!!
  • Annie Sewell provided an update of the town’s trail building project on Reservoir Hill
    • New trails are being added – Target Completion Date: August 20th
    • The possibility of some type of Opening Ceremony / Ribbon Cutting was discussed
  • The following DUST2 Updates & Opportunities were announced
    • Volunteer opportunities:
      • 2-3 folks needed to join the fundraising committee
      • Please contact Annie if you’d be interested in being on this committee
    • Trail building:
      • No dates set yet
      • Treasure Trail connector project with Tyler Albers of the Forest Service
      • August 26-29
      • 10 people needed everyday
    • Back Yard Race Series Races:
      • August 2 @ 6 pm – Bush’s Pump Track Fun Race
      • September 15 @ 2 pm – Sonlight Short Track Fun Race
    • Summer Middle School Cycling Day Camp – July 8-12
      • No volunteers needed
  • The remaining portion of the meeting was a White Board Brainstorming Session where we captured some ideas of what folks wanted to see from a club and what had worked well in clubs that they had previously been involved with
    • Here is the list of ideas & suggestions of what was captured
      • Get connected with Bicycle Colorado
      • Create some Saturday & Sunday rides, both mountain & road.
      • Create a Ride Committee
      • Leo Milner’s previous club had a strong ride committee,
      • Leo, Jim Hayes & David Wheat agreed to form this committee
      • The importance of taking care of beginners was discussed
      • Create a Ride Leader training
      • David Wheat will provide information of how they did this in his club
      • The need for a beginner’s Mountain Biking Clinic was brought up
      • Ride levels need to be established and announced with the rides
      • Look into using Meet Up for calling rides. David Wheat’s club uses this with great success


Treasure Mountain Trail Work Days

Treasure Work 05-18

DUST2 Wheel Club is excited to be doing our first Forest Service Partnership Project, “Treasure Mountain Trail Work Days”.

You can be a part of the exciting Treasure Mountain Connector trail Forest Service partnership project Monday, August 26 through Thursday, August 29!  This is a tremendous opportunity to work alongside and learn from a seasoned trail crew led by Tyler Albers to construct 0.75 miles of single track trail that will connect FSR 725 to the CDT!  We will be camping at the end of Forest Service Road 725 (Old Wolf Creek Road) with the trail crew, enjoying productive trail work, excellent meals and good company. While it is our goal to have as many folks as possible to camp and work all four days, we realize that this may not be possible and welcome 1, 2 or 3 day-only sign-ups.

THE GOAL IS TO FILL ALL 40 TRAIL WORKER SLOTS before Monday, August 19, 2019.

If you would like to participate but are not able to perform trail work, we would love help in the camp kitchen! Food and/or entertainment donations would also be welcome! 

For more information or to ask questions, call 970-398-1168 or email us at dust2two@gmail.com.

Please click to sign up for trail or other volunteer/donation opportunities for this worthy project!