It’s membership drive time for DUST2!

DUST2 is officially an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Local Chapter. That means that DUST2 will have two annual membership drives run through IMBA. The first membership drive starts April 13, and will run through May 13. It also means that membership now resides solely with IMBA Local associations, meaning more money than ever goes toward your close-to-home trails! You can renew your membership any time, but we encourage you to renew your membership during the drive so that you can have a chance to win some great prizes!

Your membership expires soon, so consider renewing your Dust2 membership today for as little as $5 per month, which gets you great benefits including thousands of dollars worth of gear discounts via IMBA partners. It also means you’re supporting great riding where you live! We have the biggest prize incentive ever for this year with 16 total packages that include bikes, group sets, forks, wheel sets, hydration packs and so much more. Register now to be included in these drawings.

We know mountain biking matters to you, and you matter to us. That’s why we’re so grateful that you contribute to the future of mountain biking as a member of DUST2. In anticipation of better things to come, the board has planned projects and events for both trails and teams, and will be publishing our 2020 calendar starting with our May 29 membership party. We realize that due to the current situation, we may have to reschedule things as we go to remain in compliance with state and local ordinances. But we are doing all we can to be ready to roll once the season opens up!

Be sure to catch up on all the exciting DUST2 2020 team and trail plans here!

Thank you for your continued support of grassroots mountain biking! If you have any questions, please call either the passionate mountain bikers on our IMBA Member Services Team, 303-545-9011 or email, or contact DUST2 at We are all happy to help!

Here is looking at an excellent year of riding,


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