Illegal Trails on Jackson

DUST2 was recently informed by the Forest Service that illegal, user-created trails were built on Jackson Mountain this past summer. It is DUST2’s official stance that user-created trials are challenging to maintain, destructive, and can be hazardous. We are opposed to illegal trail building, which puts DUST2’s relationship and projects with the Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and other partners at risk.

DUST2 is doing all that it can to provide and maintain an array of cycling trails in the Pagosa area that will satisfy trail users of every ability. Trail planning and building is not a quick process, and we have made tremendous gains with local partners in the last three years planning a high quality, sustainable, and extensive trail system that can be enjoyed by all. 

Building illegal trails jeopardizes our years-long trail planning and building project at Jackson Mountain and any future projects.

Please help us by refraining from building any trails without proper authorization and discourage any such activity you hear about in the community. 

Neither DUST2 nor the Forest Service knows what groups or individuals have built these recent illegal trails. This is not an accusation of DUST2 or the mountain bike community at large, but rather a reminder to keep the important partnerships DUST2 has built in mind when using public lands. Please do what you can to keep DUST2’s larger goals and projects in mind while you’re out enjoying Pagosa country.

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