Middle School Summer Bike Program Registration is Open!

2018 Summer

This week long program gives students the opportunity to learn new skills, gain confidence on their bike, and be challenged to try new things. They will learn how to make good decisions on the trail and how to be a responsible trail user. They will also be doing trail work at Turkey Springs to give back to the trails that we use!

  • Grades 5-8 (grade in fall 2022)
  • Mon. June 27 – Fri. July 1
  • 9am to 1pm


Fall Bike Program Registration is Open!

This program gives students the opportunity to work on bike skills, learn basic maintenance, and how to conduct themselves out on the trail. Focus is on different skills through out the program and teaches them how to make good decisions when they are out mountain biking. One day will be dedicated to trail work to give back to the trails here in Pagosa!

  • Grades 5-12 (grade in fall 2022)
    • 9-week program grades 5-8
    • 12-week program grades 9-12
  • Mon. August 1 – Wed. September 28 (middle school)
  • Mon. August 1 – Wed. October 19 (high school)
  • Scholarships available! 
  • Register

DUST2 High Schoolers Complete First Challenge

The DUST2 season is looking a little different this year, with COVID19 restrictions on gatherings across the state. The Colorado High School Cycling League is allowing teams to have regular practices, but the races had to be cancelled for the season, as they gather over 1000 people. In place of races, the League came up with a series of challenges for teams to participate in throughout the season for a little bit of fun competition.
The first challenge took place on August 31st and the results were released last weekend. Each team had to create a .25 mile short course that included a climb, a descent, a slalom, a tight turn, and a straight away. Each student had to make 4 laps to complete a mile and then their time was submitted to the League.
In the JV Boys category, Sawyer Blakemore completed the short course in 4:51 and placed 25th in the Crystal Division of the South Conference. Davis Parker completed the course in 4:49, placing him in 24th.
In the Sophomore Boys category, Carter Kasson completed the course in 4:29 and finished in 13th place. Carter is motivated this season, despite not having official races and is already preparing himself for the race season next year. Ethan Bergdolt completed the course in 4:42 and placed 17th. Ethan and Carter will definitely be pushing each other next year at the races. Tucker Mashue completed the course in 5:21 and finished in 33rd place. Coach Janine Emmets commented, “These boys have the potential to get on the podium next year, and it’s inspiring to see them stay motivated this year, despite not having races to compete in.”
In the Freshman Girls category, Hadley Phillips completed the course in 6:08 and placed 10th. Natalie Mashue completed the course in 7:03 and placed 16th. Coach Janine said, “It’s great to see Natalie inspired to participate in the challenges this year. She sustained a pretty serious injury from a mountain bike crash last year, and she is showing grit and courage by getting back on her bike and riding again. We’re glad to have her on the team this year!”
In the Freshman Boys category, Bradley Lamoreaux completed the course in 4:55 and placed 22nd. Jack Hittle completed the course in 5:59 and placed 39th.
Pagosa Springs as a team placed 4th in Division 3 with 1998 points. Coach Janine said, “It’s exciting to see how well we are doing as a team, even though the results are all just for fun this year. Our team has grown significantly this year and we can’t wait to see our new Freshman race next year”.