Jackson Mtn Project – Provide Feedback!

Provide Public Comment About the Jackson Mountain Project!

The Forest Service’s public comment section on the Jackson Mountain trail system proposal is still open and we need your input! Please let the Forest Service know that you support the Jackson Mountain trail system proposal! Positive community feedback is critical to the success of this project.

Illegal Trails on Jackson

Illegal Trails on Jackson

DUST2 was recently informed by the Forest Service that illegal, user-created trails were built on Jackson Mountain this past summer. It is DUST2’s official stance that user-created trials are challenging to maintain, destructive, and can be hazardous. We are opposed to illegal trail building, which puts DUST2’s relationship and projects with the Forest Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and other partners at risk.

DUST2 is doing all that it can to provide and maintain an array of cycling trails in the Pagosa area that will satisfy trail users of every ability. Trail planning and building is not a quick process, and we have made tremendous gains with local partners in the last three years planning a high quality, sustainable, and extensive trail system that can be enjoyed by all. 

Building illegal trails jeopardizes our years-long trail planning and building project at Jackson Mountain and any future projects.

Please help us by refraining from building any trails without proper authorization and discourage any such activity you hear about in the community. 

Neither DUST2 nor the Forest Service knows what groups or individuals have built these recent illegal trails. This is not an accusation of DUST2 or the mountain bike community at large, but rather a reminder to keep the important partnerships DUST2 has built in mind when using public lands. Please do what you can to keep DUST2’s larger goals and projects in mind while you’re out enjoying Pagosa country.

Treasure Mountain Trail Work August 15-18

The Pagosa Ranger District Trails Crew will be working on the upper section of Treasure Mountain Trail Monday August 15- Thursday August 18. You are welcome to join, lend a hand, and learn alongside the crew any of these days. 

What to Bring: 

  • Tools (need to bring your own or get tools from DUST2)
  • Gloves
  • Food and Water
  • Layers
  • Sturdy, closed-toe footwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Other personal items you need for being outside in the high country

You are welcome to camp with the crew at the top of FS Road 725 (Wolf Creek Road), but you must be fully self sufficient. 

Contact DUST2 for more information. 

Treasure Mtn Trail Work

We’ll be clearing trees and completing tread work. Tools provided.

What to Bring:

  • Gloves
  • Food and Water
  • Layers
  • Sturdy, closed-toe footwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Other personal items you need for being outside in the high country

DUST2 will provide food and drinks for Saturday evening campers. Bring all of your own personal camping equipment. Email Jake if you plan to camp.

Call or text Pagosa Mountain Sports for more information or with questions: 970-507-7886

Dig Where You Ride 2022

Join DUST2 for the first trail work night of the season, Tuesday, April 19 at 5:30-7:30pm.

Meet at the frisbee golf parking on Reservoir Hill.
We will be doing raking and light tread work.

See you there!

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2021 Dig Where You Ride Forest Service Partnership Project: Windy Pass

2021 Dig Where You Ride Forest Service Partnership Project: Windy Pass

August 13th

WHAT: Whether you hike, bike or ride a horse, please join DUST2 for a four day trail building/restoration partnership project led by Tyler Albers, Trails and Wilderness, San Juan National Forest, Pagosa Ranger District, and his trail crew, that will focus on the mid portion of the motorized Treasure Trail, Windy Pass. This is a 0.75 mile long section of trail located in the middle of the motorized portion of the Treasure Trail. This year’s project will focus on much needed restoration at Windy Pass. Volunteers can expect to hike 3 miles to the work site. Though you can anticipate some pretty arduous work days, the trail crew and DUST2 wheel club will do it’s best to make it super fun and rewarding!
WHEN: Friday, August 13-Monday, August 16, from 7:30am-5:00pm every day.
WHERE: Camp/staging area will be set up at the Windy Pass meadow, work will done on the section of trail indicated in the bright yellow circle on the attached map file. You do not have to camp to join trail work days.
WHY: The Treasure Trail is the crown jewel of our area mountain bike trails. Seemingly endless miles of sweeping single-track descending 2000 vertical feet from Wolf Creek Pass down to the East Fork road.
The purpose of this project is to restore and re-route the portion of the trail that goes through Windy Pass, thereby allowing for better and more aesthetic flow and continuity to the Treasure Mountain Trail.
Not only will this project increase ride-ability to this iconic trail, but it will be another important step toward solidifying a valuable trail-planning partnership with our local USFS district.
It is critical that the members of the Pagosa mountain bike community step up and show support for trail construction and expansion.
Please Join us!
LOGISTICS: The DUST2 Wheel Club has accepted the challenge of providing 10 volunteers a day to join Tyler and his trail crew for this four day project. This year we are looking for individuals to back pack into Windy Pass and stay one or three nights. The trail crew will provide meals and water for a daily fee of $10.00 per person to those who request them during sign up. While it is our goal to have 10 people camp for all four days, HOWEVER, we realize that this may not be realistic, so we have broken the four work days into 40 volunteer slots to fulfill the same goal.
Click the Facebook Event with more information.
Camping volunteers are expected to be self sufficient for as many days as you camp. You can camp for as many nights as you would like. We have provided a list of suggested items/tools below for those who are camping. The trail crew will proved a tent and tables and kitchen to serve as a gathering area for eating meals and hanging out in the evening.
Day volunteers will need to arrive in time to join the 7:00am briefing and stay as long as they are able. We have provided a list of items you will want to have if you join us for trail work days.
All volunteers will be expected to have work gloves, long work pants, sturdy, close-toed shoes, eye protection, sunscreen and water.
Day pack
Long sleeve shirt
Long work pants
Sturdy, closed toe shoes
Sunglasses/eye protection
Work gloves
First aid kit
Tent with a rain tarp
Sleeping bag
Water for however many days you plan on camping
Stove/cooking source
Gas source for stove
Kitchen utensils/cooking supplies
Biodegradable soap
Water bottle/bladder
Day pack
Extra socks, clothing
First aid kit
Camp towel
Lunch items that you can take with you on the trail
Breakfast/lunch/dinner for the number of days you are camping
Toilet paper
Trash bag/s
Long sleeve shirt
Long work pants
Sturdy, close-toed shoes
Eye protection/sunglasses
Camp lights/headlamp

Trail Work – Treasure Mtn

Treasure Trail Work
Work day at Treasure Mountain this Saturday June 5th.
Meet at the Treasure Trailhead at 8:30am, tools provided.
Plan on being outside most of the day.
Bring gloves, sturdy shoes/boots, rain gear, lunch/snacks, water and pants/long sleeves are suggested. 
We will be working on the tread in spots and clearing trees as we go. 
There is a camping option out East Fork on Friday for those interested, Food and drinks will be provided by DUST2.
Please confirm with Jake Emmets so we have numbers for food. 
Jake’s contact – jake@pagosamountainsports.com – 614-738-4083