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DUST2 is excited to offer scholarships for our programming because of our generous local sponsors.  We strive to serve as many students as possible and hope to award 30% of our participants with full-ride scholarships.

Choosing applicants for our program is difficult and getting a scholarship is not guaranteed.  Please take the time to fill out this application and have your student present as there are some questions they need to answer.

  • Please note we need a separate application for each child
  • Scholarship applications must be completed before the registration is filled out
  • Please note that proof of household income via a previous year tax return and/or recent pay stubs must be provided if requested by DUST2 in order for assistance to be granted
  • Please make sure that your application is filled out in it’s entirety
  • Each child needs to have 1 written reference from an adult non-family member (ex: teacher, coach, mentor, youth pastor) as a letter of recommendation to our program
  • We will contact you to let you know whether or not you have received financial assistance
  • Completed applications should be either:

Click here for the 2022 – DUST2 Scholarship Application.